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14/06/2010 12:00

KUALA LUMPUR , UKM BANGI (14/06/2010) - We had thought the most suitable project for this group which is " i - Board " . The function of " i - Board " include the semi - automatic duster to clean the blackboard . This project help to save time , energy and also ease the student and teacher . We had trying hard in making the project program but we had found no success at all ( but in little bit ) . It crashed our heads include our mentor , he he he . But , it is okey , we are always think all the best for the sake of the project . Other than that , we had do a lot of researched , interviewed to many people including Mr.Saidi ( the almost handsome teacher in our school ) at s.m.k.t.n.j okey ! . Mr.Saidi said " okey, project awak tuu bole pegi jauh . Teruskan usaha anda macan kata pepatah usaha asas kejayaan . penutup kata terima kasih " . Such a powerfull words from him , we are very delight in carry on this project . Furthermore , we had done in finding the dimension of the blackboard in RC room at our school . Finally , we just may say , pray for our bless on the awesome project . We from Inventor Brains gonna say thank you very much and good luck to all of the readers project ( the readers only ) he he he , just kidding . Sorry , thats all for today , we are going to have a yummy lunch . Once again , THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! . [ wrote by : Lacy , Faizal and the other crew ]


KUALA LUMPUR , UKM BANGI (15/06/2010) - Today Naz and Faizal will go to mechanical garage , while Lacy and Bob going stay at the microcomputer lab to finish the program of the project . Hope all will going well . TQ .